Who is Motion Design for?
Are you keen on graphic arts and animation? Is watching them not enough? Do
you keep drawing and doodling? Do you like comics, PC games and CGI? Do you
want to become part of the process? This is the place where you can learn how.

What is Motion Design about?
Motion design combines graphic design, animation, illustration, symbols, comics,
film, photography, and sound.

What can you learn here?
You will learn how to create a signature tune for your YouTube channel, how to
make subtitles for a new superman or how to explain space mysteries using
animation. You will learn how to work with 2D and 3D graphics and animation.

What are the most frequently used programs?
Adobe After Effects
Cinema 4D
+ a graphic tablet

Who teaches here?
The teachers include professional animators, motion designers, sound engineers
and graphic artists from Brno and Prague studios. Emphasis is put on their
hands-on experience.

What next?
Successful graduates find jobs in graphic studios and TV studios, and/or they
continue their studies at art colleges and universities.
At the department, we insist on acquiring essential studio skills – our students
are expected to be able to draw human figures, to work with composition and
perspective. We are not looking for machines. We aim to find artists!
Are you not sure whether this is the right place for you or not? Drop by and see
for yourself. You can take part in our classes to get an idea what lies in store for
you. Check the place out and talk to our teachers and students.
Are you interested? Get in touch at wiederlechnerova@ssudbrno.cz
(Adéla Wiederlechnerová, program coordinator)
I am looking forward to seeing you!