The undergraduates receive a training in a wide range of activities related to the restoration of furniture and non-polychromed wood carving. The conception of the study program consists in developing the aesthetic sensibility of the students, cultivating their sense of precision in craftsmanship and their feel for the selection of the materials they employ in their work, leading up to the acquisition of professional-level craftsmanship skills. This aspect is complemented with a focus on expanding each undergraduate’s theoretical knowledge relevant to the field, as these are an indispensable part of the decision-making process of each restorer. The aim of the curriculum is to train professionals who are highly qualified with regards to artistry, technology and craftsmanship and who are capable of working on applied art object preservation both independently and as a part of a team.

The graduates of the Department of Furniture Restoration find job placements not only as restorers but also as artisan cabinetmakers skilled in a variety of historical techniques, collection curators and depository managers, and finally, as experts in the issues related to historical interiors and furnishings.

The content of the curriculum is divided into the study of shared elementary and specialized vocational subjects. The scheme of the subjects is formulated in the plan of study. In their second and third year the students undergo an internship taking place in restoration facilities of museums, galleries, heritage institutes and other institutions. Over the recent years an increasing number of students have also been given the opportunity to undergo their internship abroad, in foreign institutions. The academic year is divided into two periods – an autumn and a spring semester – the instruction is carried out in the form of lectures, seminars and practical exercises. Each period is concluded with evaluation and examinations; the whole study is completed with a graduation exam. Successful graduates are awarded a DiS. (FdA) degree – a certified specialist.