The program aims at providing modern study in a broadly structured
course to facilitate a wide range of careers for successful graduates.
Our photography students become familiar with both traditional analogue
technology and up-to-date digital technologies. In their third and fourth
years of study, the students master film and video animation. Throughout
the four years of study they learn how to approach simple graphic and
bookbinding tasks. We strive to educate fully trained professionals ready
to work on a wide range of photography tasks they may encounter in their
professional life. The successful graduates will be able to work
meticulously and inventively on their non-commissioned art while being
able to photograph architecture, portraits, news coverage, or adverts.
They will also be able to think, speak and write knowledgeably about
photography, they will be well versed in the past and present of
photography, fine art or film. The Department of Photography has quality
staff and is also technically well equipped. The graduates achieve high
scores in areas such as university admittance and employment and
Emphasis is laid on conceptual approach to work, on urgency to create
complex sophisticated entities and, last but not least, to encourage the
students to work on their own photographic art.