This program reflects the development of contemporary art. Ambitious in
its scope, the program includes classes of studio skills which cover
drawing, graphic art, work with a sitter, an object, but also animation,
video, photography, foundations of graphic design, and 3D visualisation.
Emphasis is put on developing the student’s individuality and creativity,
which later helps the graduates choose the major of their choice at a wide
range of (mostly art) colleges. When choosing a career, the graduates can
find employment in various lines of work. As the program draws on
traditional exhibition and event design and management, the graduates
can work for cultural institutions such as galleries and theatres, or they
can free-lance as producers and creative professionals in promotion and
In the course of their studies, students master essential artistic techniques
through work on assignments. They are taught drawing, painting, graphic
design, and at the same time they learn how to process materials such as
paper, textile, polystyrene, plastic, and wood. They study how to work
with objects, statues, and installations. They become acquainted with
available software for video editing and post-production. They will get a
chance to practise traditional hand-drawn animation, object animation,
puppet animation, but also computer animation. They master the basics of
visualization in 3D, they become familiar with the potential of computer
graphics, for instance the artist’s books, pictograms, posters and
invitations. The software they use is mostly Adobe or open-source
software such as Gimp, Iscape, Pivot, Monkey Jam, and others.
The successful graduates have their own artistic opinion and expression.
They are able to design and make two-dimensional and three-dimensional
objects. They seek innovative approaches when applying traditional
techniques and combine new media and traditional methods and
processes. They present their artwork at their own exhibitions and take
part in various projects.
The Department of New Media holds regular workshops to prepare
students for auditions.