Interior design has been taught at our school since 1924 – the year when
the school was established.
This line of study and work is attractive and very much in demand. An
interior designer is assigned a very rewarding task: to participate in
shaping people’s quality of life. Creating attractive atmosphere both at
home and in public spaces is work that is beautiful, varied, even
The programme focuses on providing students with knowledge of furniture
design and architecture of the interior, making use of computer graphics.
In classes, attention is paid to mastering drawing skills and understanding
principles of composition, also on acquiring expert knowledge of materials,
structures and construction techniques. The theoretical knowledge can
then be applied by the students when creating their own sketches and
designs. Emphasis is put on creativity, ability to work both individually and
in a team from the very start – whether sketching, compiling technical
files or producing scale models and prototypes in school workrooms.
Computer visualisation is another implementation method – creating
space and modelling in 3D.
Our students are encouraged to express their individuality, to take
responsibility, to acquire a sense of detail, and to develop manual
dexterity; at the same time they are encouraged to develop critical
thinking and search new ways and approaches.
The graduates can pursue their careers in furniture and interior studios or
be self-employed and work as interior architects, in furniture trade or for
companies specialising in complete interior solution. They can also be in
charge of manufacturing teams in furniture producing companies.
Successful graduates are also college-ready for the major of their choice –
design, architecture or related courses.
Ing. arch. Petr Coufal
Program Coordinator