Games have been part of human lives from time immemorial, but it is only today
that an occupation is coming to existence that is concerned with their
development. Game Art is for those who intend to not only play but especially
understand and develop games.
The first ever Game Art students are expected to enrol in the 2021/2022
academic year.


Information for applicants and application form: here
Computer games development is currently the most lucrative creative industry
generating much more revenue than the well-established film industry. Studying
Game Art makes it possible for students to become part of this fascinating new
and fast-paced environment. Our students will be studying game design, 2D and
3D graphic, and storytelling. They will master the technical aspects of game
development such as work in game engines, fundamentals of programming,
sound design, etc. They will utilise the acquired knowledge and skills when
developing complex immersive games. They will learn by creating games, so
they will leave school with a portfolio of quality video games that they can
present when applying for a job or enrolling at a college.
Our department collaborates with a number of game design studios in Brno that
are internationally recognised. Game design professionals can share their
experience with our students and our students will get a unique opportunity to
shadow first-rate professionals.
At our department, we provide creative and dynamic environment for our
students and we introduce gamification strategies in learning while making it
possible for each student to choose their game design specialisation. At the same
time, we pay attention to teaching skills indispensable in 21 st century, including
teamwork, self-presentation skills, and project thinking.
Game Art students are encouraged to create games that they have only been
dreaming about.