This new forward-looking program provides training for fashion professionals of the future. It aims at bringing up fashion designers who are able to contribute to the overall positive social changes. More and more people come to realise that they do not want to wear toxic clothes or garments that are not manufactured ethically. That is why the program responds to the current situation in the clothing industry and focuses on recycling, up-cycling, biomaterials and sustainability. Particular emphasis is placed on the way garments are made as well as the type of material used for their manufacture. Our students are motivated to establish their own eco-fashion labels in a way that is practicable in the local conditions.
Besides developing two foundation skills, drawing and painting, the students focus primarily on mastering various textile techniques. They become knowledgeable in traditional crafts as well as emerging technologies, and they learn to look for innovative approaches. They also become acquainted with digital photography and graphic design software.
In the course of their studies, the students gain a global perspective on consumption and form their own opinion of it, and they learn to design and make garments which reflect the current lifestyle while meeting the criteria of sustainable fashion. Throughout their studies, students develop their professional portfolios. This helps them to be ready for employment in slow fashion as fashion designers and sustainable fashion specialists.
They can also work as textile designers, innovators, sustainable fashion consultants, trend forecasters, or they will work in fashion marketing.
Upon completion of the program, our students will have gained industry skills as well as comprehensive theoretical knowledge that will qualify
them for college admission at both local and international educational institutions.