The Department of Fashion and Textile Design offers a three-year course at the Higher Professional School that develops the undergraduate’s aesthetic and cultural awareness. The instruction is aided by the state-of- the-art facilities and well-trained staff, as well as by the collaboration with renowned external professionals. The students acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the design and manufacture of garments, even of high construction and technological complexity; and also in the design and manufacture of two- and three-dimensional fabrics, or in the design and manufacture of stage costumes.

The graduates may find career opportunities:

  • as self-employed creative fashion and textile work professionals,
  • as designers in industrial production (pattern cutter, colorist, textile artist),
  • as fashion designers in small and medium-sized enterprises,
  • as designers of fashion accessories,
  • in stage costume production – design work for various genres (drama, opera, ballet,film)

Towards the end of his/her studies, each undergraduate undergoes a design work oriented internship of several months with an enterprise of their choice, or, alternatively, in a selected enterprise involved in applied art production. Over the course of the internship, the undergraduate also carries out (i.e. designs and manufactures) a graduation work assignment.

The defence of the completed graduation project is a part of the graduation exam, alongside examination in a foreign language and vocational subjects, which conclude the studies at the Higher Professional School.

The graduate is awarded a DiS. (FdA) degree (a certified professional).