Our School History

n the beginning of the present-day Higher Professional School of Restoration was an establishment of post-A-level study in 1994 within the Secondary School of Artistic Craftwork in Brno. The curriculum of that time was focused on conservation and restoration of two different materials, ceramics and furniture including non-polychromed wood carving.

Soon, despite a less convenient background at the rented premises of the Secondary Industrial School, the school managed to gain a good reputation among both experts and public. Thanks to this success, the post-A-level programme could be transformed into higher specialized education within legislative changes in 1998.

The year 2000, when the Higher School of Artistic Craftwork moved to the premises in Obřanská street in Brno, became the turning point in our school history. Restoration studios started to be constructed, classrooms equipped while the professional standard of the curriculum continually developed. Consequently, teaching objectives were reworked and extended and since 2002 the initial two-and-a-half-year study was extended to three years.

The society´s need to preserve a great amount of artistic pictorial works encouraged our school to open another branch of study. Professional restorers participated in preparation of a new educational programme and after its accreditation by the Ministry of Education in 2003 a new Department of Conservation and Restoration of Painting and Decorative Techniques was opened.

Since 2006 the secondary and higher school have shared the name „Secondary School of Art and Design and Higher Professional School of Restoration.“

In 2011 all the three advanced educational programmes were newly accredited and designated as:

82-42-N/06 Conservation and Restoration of Ceramics
82-42-N/07 Conservation and Restoration of Painting and Decorative Techniques
82-42-N/08 Conservation and Restoration of Furniture and Non-Polychromed Wood Carving